Business location in the heart of Europe


With the opening of the borders to Eastern Europe and the completion of the highway A 6 Nuremberg – Prague the market town Wernberg-Köblitz has been moved into the center of the European Union. The market town Wernberg-Köblitz does not use the appropriate slogan “in the heart of Europe” for nothing. The “trade and industry area west” forms a trade and industry area that covers 35 hectares and lies directly at the highway A 93 Regensburg – Hof and at the new interchange with the highway A 6 Nuremberg – Pilsen, where well-known, internationally active enterprises have already settled.


Munich:        180 km
Berlin:          450 km
Nuremberg: 100 km
Prague:        220 km
Leipzig:        220 km

In addition to the excellent and direct connection to highways the trade and industry area is distinguished by largely dispensing with confining building regulations and by immediate development potential. The development plans are in force and the properties are ready for building.

Thanks to substantial support from grants by the joint task “improvement of the regional economic infrastructure” all building areas in the trade and industry area can be offered to eligible enterprises at favorable conditions. These also profit from the extensive support instrument.

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Wirtschaftsbroschüre Wernberg-Köblitz
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